Pearltrees: Visual Collaborative Web Browsing Interface

by on December 7, 2009 at 2:45 am

Pearltrees: Visual Collaborative Web Browsing Interface

I am with the Traveling Geeks at Pearltrees’ headquarter in Paris, I already published about Pearltrees a few months ago when it was in pre- alpha, but the public beta will launch in two days at LeWeb.

Pearltrees is a visual collaborative web browsing interface: users browse the internet visually using “Pearls” that represent websites and, by connecting them, they create a network of interest, I call it the “interest graph”.  The social networking component, allows users to follow each other and use other people pearls to build their “interest graph”, they can collaborate to create a common tree with pearls shared among many people.

With the Pearltrees-Twitter sync feature users automatically build pearls by tweeting urls on Twitter, and automatically tweet urls by creating pearls in Pearltrees, it will launch in two days.

(From an original article by Eliane Fiolet)

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