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With the Traveling Geeks @ Pearltrees

by on December 13, 2009 at 4:32 am

The Traveling Geeks met with Patrice Lamothe from Pearltrees (@pearltrees) for nearly two hours at the beginning of the Traveling Geeks tour.

This guy is running the Internet startup buzz playbooIMG_9630k like perfect, at least for a French startup: he did a tour in the Silicon Valley visiting local influencers and bloggers, sponsored the Traveling Geeks and Leweb, talking at Leweb in plenary session (twice…), creating plug-ins, buttons, that can be placed everywhere on social sites, his site is in English, and so on. As a result, he got heck of a good visibility. And we were very kindly welcomed in the company which looks like an US startup: lots of coffee and… US sized patisserie. (more…)

(From an original article by Olivier Ezratty)

With the Traveling Geeks @ Cedexis and Parrot

by on December 13, 2009 at 4:32 am

We are near the end of my report of the Traveling Geeks in Paris before Leweb. One startup and one mid-sized company.

IMG_9953Cedexis @ Club Melcion

We met Julien Coulon, the founder of Cedexis, a former business developer at Akamai.

The company provides a Content Delivery Networks optimizing service, identifying the ones with the best performance to optimize the traffic and quality of service of your web site. It provides both analytic tools to identify the best services and provide reports to both web sites and CDN services, and an automatic switching engine to select the right ones at each and every moment. CDN performance can always change and is not predictable, thus the need for a real time optimization solution. (more…)

(From an original article by Olivier Ezratty)

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