Kaltura and Blonde 2.0’s event for Digg’s Matt Van Horn

by on August 4, 2009 at 1:23 pm

Guest Post written by guest author Ahuvah Berger

Last night Kaltura hosted an intimate gathering in honor of Digg’s Matt Van Horn’s arrival in Israel. The lovely mixer took place at the elegant Benyamin Wine Bar in Tel Aviv and we had a special musical performance by David Broza, an Israeli musical icon. We mingled and schmoozed over delicious wine and food.

Matt, Ayelet and Lauren

Matt, Ayelet and Lauren

David opened up his performance by talking to the audience about how important internet technology is to a musician and how it helps engage with their fan base. He shared with us a story about how he and his team discussed streaming a concert live from Masada over the web 16 years ago! Hearing an Israeli musical icon understand the value of the web from way back when was a shock to me. Now if only we could get David on Twitter or better yet, on Digg. There must be plenty of free time between being on tour and creating albums to connect directly to his audience online.

Here is a short clip from David’s performance last night:

Ahuvah is a new member of the Blonde2.0 family. She vehemently argues on twitter that the internet is about engaging and creating dialogue both online and offline. She urges everyone to step off their soap box and engage in real conversation.

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