Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Policy

The Traveling Geeks are a diverse group of bloggers, journalists, innovators, content creators, video producers and authors who collectively travel to different regions of the world to explore innovative technologies. During our trips we report on innovations, emerging technologies, entrepreneurs, startups, regional economic development planners and other technology influencers — through our blogs, videos, podcasts, photos and social media tools.
Our trips are paid for by sponsorships from corporations and governments.
Following are the policies of the Traveling Geeks regarding disclosure and conflicts of interest:

  • We publicly disclose all underwriters and sponsors of our trips.
  • We do not allow pay per post during our trips. That is, no blogger or writer is permitted to accept a payment to write about or publicize a corporate or government sponsor. We do not receive any payments in exchange for coverage.
  • Occasionally equipment is loaned by sponsors for review purposes during the trip and returned afterward.

Traveling Geeks participants are required only to attend group events and write about what we find interesting. We are free — but have no obligation — to write about sponsors’ products or services along with other companies and individuals we encounter. Some of us may be paid a speaking fee by conference organizers, though this is the exception rather than the rule.