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Parrot’s Remote Controlled Helicopter Takes Augmented Reality to the Next Dimension

by on January 5, 2010 at 1:37 pm

ardrone_logo_dec09.pngIn December, I visited Parrot‘s development labs in Paris to check out the company’s newest project. While Parrot is mostly known for its Bluetooth headsets and speaker systems, the company’s newest project combines augmented reality with a remote-controlled helicopter. This helicopter – the AR.Drone – features four rotors that keep it stable and a front-mounted camera that is linked to an iPhone or iPod touch. The rig is controlled via an iPhone or iPod touch and the device’s screen can show an augmented view of what the helicopter’s camera sees. [Video and details…] (more…)

(From an original article by Frederic Lardinois)

Marissa Mayer Talks About Wave, Music Search and the Future of News

by on December 9, 2009 at 8:19 am

leweb_dec09a.jpgIn an interview with TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington at LeWeb today, Google’s Marissa Mayer discussed some of the new product that Google announced over the last year, including the recent integration of real-time news streams into the default search pages, Google Music Search and Google Wave. Talking about the future of search, Mayer expects that people will soon do searches by talking to their phones, or through services like the newly announced Google Goggles.

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(From an original article by Frederic Lardinois)

Traveling Geeks on Blog Talk Radio This Morning (THANK YOU team)

by on December 1, 2009 at 1:59 pm

Blog Talk Radio

This morning, co-organizer Eliane Fiolet and I were interviewed on this morning’s Blog Talk Radio’s Social Media Hour about the upcoming Traveling Geeks to France tour next week.

We are thrilled to have a top notch group of organizations and sponsors who will team up with us for this tour. More details to follow on who they are and what they do in the coming few days.

Kudos and a huge thank you to co-organizers Eliane Fiolet and Phil Jeudy as well as to Sky Schuyler, Vladimir Drndarski and Scott Henady for their technical prowess, creative mashups, plugins and workarounds when we needed them most and for without all of their help, the trip wouldn’t be a success.

Social Media Hour

(From an original article by Renee Blodgett)

Silicon Valley Goes To Paris… Le Web ’09

by on November 30, 2009 at 1:13 pm

I’m heading to Paris for the Le Web conference next week then spending the rest of December in London.

I’ll be attending Le Web as part of the “Traveling Geeks” [misspelling deliberate], organized by Renee Blodgett. Also on the trip: Eliane Fiolet, , Robin Wauters, Kim-Mai Cutler, Frederic Lardinois, Matt Buckland, Sky Schuyler, Jerome Tranie, Ewan Spence, David Spark, Olivier Ezratty, Cyrille de Lasteyrie, Amanda Coolong, Beth Blecherman, and Phil Jeudy.

Le Web is Europe’s premiere conference and organized by Loic Le Meur, from Seesmic. (more…)

(From an original article by Tom Foremski)

Le Travelling Geeks

by on November 23, 2009 at 2:45 am

Yes Le Web is coming up (and the full program has now been published so you can sort who you want to see and when the best time is to nip out for a decent sized-lunch), but I’ll be doing a little something in Paris beforehand. The Travelling Geeks.

Organised by Renee Blodgett for the two days before Le Web will see a number of us descending early on Paris to see some presentations form the latest European start-ups and what they are working on in a smaller, more intimate environment.

I’m looking forward to it, partly because it’s going to be a bit like Dragon’s Den but without the claws and viciousness; partly because it gives us time to question the companies on the product; and also because it’s a good chance to hook up again and do some work with people like VinVin and Robin Wauters.

With all the writers, reporters and companies in the room, I’m expecting a number of lively podcasts!

Travelling Geeks Logo

(From an original article by Ewan Spence)

Europreneur Secrets- Favorite Web Aps from Ann Cotton, Camfed

by on November 16, 2009 at 7:36 pm

Favorite Web Aps of European Entrepreneurs I met during the Traveling Geeks Trip.

This is seventh in a series where I take JD Lasica’s meme “Coolest Power Tools” on a “spin” to see not what our US geeks are using, but what our European Brethren find as their favorite aps. This has been a really popular series with my blog readers. It’s fun to learn about new aps and see that some of our favorites are highly used in the UK and now in Africa too.


Here is a list of “geek tools” from Ann Cotton, the amazing, beautiful, powerful woman who started and is executive director of Camfed. (more…)

(From an original article by Susan Bratton)

Alaska HDTV: Making Money from Podcasting

by on September 23, 2009 at 4:55 pm

(This interview is part of David Spark’s (@dspark) series “Making Money from Podcasting” (read summary “9 Successful Techniques for Making Money from Podcasting”) where he interviews podcasters who are actually generating revenue from their podcasts. There are many techniques, and here’s one person’s tale of how he’s making money from podcasting.)

Kevin Kastner, co-producer of Alaska HDTV

Kevin Kastner, co-producer of Alaska HDTV

Get your own sponsors

Kevin Kastner is the co-producer of the video podcast, Alaska HDTV. He produces the show with Scott Sloan, the original founder of Alaska Podcast (the original name of Alaska HDTV). While in the Alaska Podcast incarnation, Sloan monetized the production through a relationship via the podcast network Mevio (previously known as PodShow and started by legendary MTV VJ Adam Curry – read/watch my interview with Adam Curry). At the time, he was making some ad deals with Mevio but he didn’t have much say and control about the deal. Sloan and Kastner really didn’t understand what the terms of the deals were. They simply received a check in the mail for a few hundred dollars. It wasn’t clear what arrangement Mevio had made with the advertiser and what their cut was, said Kastner.

Interview (Time: 17:13)

Download mp3

Mevio’s offers started getting weaker. Some deals required Kastner and Sloan to run advertisements for free with a referral code and if the advertiser closed a client, Kastner and Sloan would get paid out a referral fee. The relationship with Mevio was starting to sour. The poor offers, the lack of transparency in the deals, and the multi-year commitments caused the two of them to say themselves, we can do better on our own.

Alaska HDTVAs Kastner and Sloan set out to get their own sponsors, they quickly determined that they wanted to go after the travel and transportation industry. They picked companies and went direct to the PR and marketing departments within those organizations. The first company they targeted was Alaska Airlines. Not only did they go after employees within the company, but they also went after their ad agencies. The idea was to corner them at all angles so there would be no way they could avoid being seen, said Kastner. While they didn’t get Alaska Airlines, they did get a partner of Alaska Airlines, Bank of America, issuers of Alaska Airlines’ credit cards. Bank of America had a budget and some money to spend before the end of the quarter. It was really good timing for Alaska HDTV.

In the early days of managing their own ads, like with Bank of America, Kastner and Sloan baked advertisements into Alaska HDTV with a product placement and a pre-roll. Kastner said he avoided the CPM equation at all costs. He uses a flat rate sponsorships, traditionally three months. It’s not hard to calculate Alaska HDTV’s CPMs (between $30-$50) as Kastner gives sponsors full stat reports on viewership. While he was so eager and creative about advertising from the onset, the market has devolved, said Kastner. What they initially thought was advanced programming to entice advertisers (e.g. baking pre-rolls into shows, in-show product placements) turned out to be too confusing. Advertisers just want inserted pre-rolls where they completely control the creative. So for now, because that’s what advertisers want, that’s what Alaska HDTV sells.

Kevin Kastner, Alaska HDTV

Kastner says now that he’s made the full time switch to getting their own sponsors, they’ve increased revenue 200-300 percent. But that’s come at a real cost. It’s no longer a part time gig. Alaska HDTV is his sole source of revenue and the time he’s put into it has gone up more than ten-fold. They do seek other revenue opportunities through hired gun video production and speaking engagements.

Listen to the interview as Kastner tells the tale of his personal struggle seeking sponsors and offers some great experiential advice to others looking to head down the same path as him.

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(From an original article by David Spark)


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