thumbs up for traveling geeks …

intel“If you want to have your preconceptions about the web and the impact of social media challenged in a constructive, informed and intelligent way, then getting engaged with the Traveling Geeks is the way to go. Intel worked with them at the Reboot Britain event in London and the debate was lively and very opinionated, just what we like.”
Tristan Wilkinson, Director, Public Sector, Intel EMEA

Skype“We sponsored the Traveling Geeks during their UK tour and it was a privilege to spend time with them in London. Not only have many of the Geeks become advocates, but we are working with some of them on exciting future projects. We plan to continue the dialogue and develop our relationships even further.”
Jacqueline Marshall, Public Relations for EMEA, Skype

“We sponsored Traveling Geeks to France as a way to educate them and all of their followers and friends about the work that Microsoft BizSpark is doing in Europe and around the world. Our hope was to have the bloggers better understand how Microsoft BizSpark and the vast community of Network Partners are helping startups succeed. We introduced BizSpark companies to the Geeks on the ground in Paris and reach out to them with specific targeted messages about their offerings and services.  We even created a Traveling Geeks “Pad” in our Microsoft pavilion at LeWeb’09 to increase the opportunities for idea exchange and engagement. The tour was a success!”
Michele Johnson, Group Marketing Manager, Microsoft BizSpark

NESTA on its own“Reboot Britain was the number 1 topic on Twitter globally for several hours during the Traveling Geeks tour to London which was great and wouldn’t have happened without their involvement, and the European Seedcamp companies received great exposure and feedback from the bloggers.”
Roland Harwood, Director of Open Innovation, NESTA

the marker jpg“During Traveling Geeks visit to Israel, they participated in The Marker Conference. Their presence created excitement because many of them are known in Israel or followed by Israeli readers. All of them were extremely warm and amicable – and accessible to the conference’s participants and their presence definitely added to the conference’s success. Their visit resulted in great exposure and positive sentiment for the Israeli technology industry.”
Nathan Lipson, Director of Strategy & Editorial, The Marker Online & Editor, The Marker Conference

Reboot Britain“Traveling Geeks participated in Reboot Britain during their England tour and added a Silicon Valley spin to our conversations about how public services can be revived in the UK post recession, adding to our knowledge and awareness of the innovations possible. I hope that the conversations and relationships with our delegates will lead to more cross border collaborations between them and UK technology producers. We’d welcome them back anytime.”
Jess Tyrrell, Director, Germination and Co-Producer of Reboot Britain

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs“The Traveling Geeks created a sensation for the Israeli technology community. As part of our efforts to bring Israeli cutting edge technology and innovation to Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Israeli Consulate sponsored the Traveling Geeks to tour to Israel to get exposure to the Israeli technology industry and what it has to offer the world. We believe in their vision and hope to continue an ongoing dialogue and connection with Traveling Geeks so that together we can make projects succeed for Israel internally and externally.”
Ishmael Khaldi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem, Israel

digitrad.com“Traveling Geeks was a great opportunity for Digitrad to communicate with rich content to its early adopters, customers and fans. We had thousands of views with our videos, which was incredibly valuable for us. We also learned a lot in the process and look forward to participating in future tours.”
Micha Benoliel, CEO, Digitrad

Accel“We hosted the Traveling Geeks along with a select number of our portfolio CEOs at our offices in London and were impressed with the diversity and enthusiasm for innovation among the group. Our presenting companies ended up with insightful and relevant coverage and have developed great new relationships.”
Sonali De Rycker, Partner, Accel Partners

think london“The Traveling Geeks not only upgraded current perspectives on the future of journalism and social media at a Guardian Media Talk Live Show, which I helped facilitate, they also sparked an informed conversation about the London technology scene among key US tech audiences at an unprecedented level. Their views and interactions have helped to shift the innovation conversation up a gear, and innovation is essentially what London and places like Silicon Valley are all about.”
Barbara Grüll-Cação, Marketing Programme Manager, Think London

green thing“The time we spent with the Traveling Geeks was inspiring and highly enjoyable. They’re on a mission to connect and collaborate with communities around the world and share ideas about how online technology will affect the future of how we work, play and live.
We hope they come back to London to continue the dialogue as there’s a lot more to talk about and do together.”
Andy Hobsbawm, European Chairman/Co-Founder Agency.com and Co-Founder, Green Thing

University of Cambridge“I had the pleasure of hosting Traveling Geeks both at Seedcamp in London and at the University in Cambridge. They mentored and advised the CEOs of the UK’s top consumer Internet startups about which companies in the US were similar to them and which they would face the toughest competition from, if they went state-side.

In Cambridge, in addition to doing the same with the CEOs of the region’s hottest technology companies, they also forged relationships with top Academics at Cambridge who have been responsible for the leading spinouts over the past 5 years. All of the participants felt they benefitted from the perspectives and experience held by the Traveling Geeks. I applaud their program which forges key relationships and plays a vital role in creating and sustaining an ecosystem and community that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship.”
Sherry Coutu, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Angel & Advisor, Cambridge University

The Traveling Geeks are a thrill! Imagine a group of top bloggers with their cameras and computers ready to listen to you! We invited them to Pearltrees for a briefing, demo and a French breakfast, creating both a fun and professional atmosphere. They really helped us turn the spotlight on Pearltrees during “LeWeb09” week in Paris, the largest conference in Europe about Internet technologies.
Patrice Lamothe, CEO, Pearltrees

Econsultancy“Econsultancy, the UK’s leading provider of digital marketing and e-commerce resources, hosted Traveling Geeks in London. Having a shared interest in innovation, Econsultancy devised a roundtable discussion with the bloggers and individuals and organizations that are at the leading edge of digital marketing innovation.

The event stimulated great ideas, best practices and opinions, and an ongoing dialogue after the event. Other output from the event included a series of video interviews and blog posts and of course the bloggers themselves provided amazing coverage. We’ve also recruited some of the delegates as judges for our upcoming Innovation Awards and as speakers for our Online Marketing Masterclasses Conference, so the benefits continue.”
Ashley Friedlein, CEO, Econsultancy

answers-dot-com“I first met the Traveling Geeks at LeWeb in Paris. They were not only thoughtful, intelligent and had multiple perspectives, but they also had rich, diverse backgrounds and areas of interest. We found it valuable to hear their insights and view our own product Answers.com, through their the facets of their eyes, reflected in their constructive feedback. Traveling Geeks is unique opportunity to exchange ideas about your innovations with a group of talented writers and thinkers collectively, at the same time.”
Bob Rosenschein, CEO & Founder, Answers.com

eei_logo“EEI sponsored and organized the Traveling Geeks visit to Cambridge to showcase the innovation, thought-leadership and excellence of Cambridge, its business community and our synergies with Silicon Valley. The Geeks participated in a gruelling program: a roundtable discussion with local thought leaders and entrepreneurs, which resulted in an informed, lively debate on the nature and elements of a thriving centre of innovation. The panel discussion with the Geeks on Energizing your Business through Social Media drew a significant crowd and they were successful at generating the buzz and coverage of all that they experienced in blogs and video. There has already been a return trip to Cambridge and I look forward to their continued interest in the companies here.”
Karyn Barnes, Communications Manager, East of England International