Cedexis at Club Melcion

by on December 8, 2009 at 2:47 am

Cedexis at Club MelcionThis morning we are at Club Melcion in Paris with the Traveling Geeks. We are meeting with Julien Coulon, Cedexis co-founder and General Manager. The company is an early stage startup and does not have a website yet.

Cedexis provides a collective intelligence platform that enables next-generation traffic management strategies. It measures the best performances provided by different CDN providers and will select the best one for internet services providers. Changes in performances vary by the minute; Cedexis monitors them in real time and switch to the best performing CDN instantly. Cedexis is especially critical for video streaming websites willing to deliver the best quality. According to Julien Coulon, Cedexis co-founder and GM, the services can increase the performance by up to 70%. The company gives feedback to CDN providersas well, allowing them to increase their performances; Cedexis aims to become a certification service. Conviva in the USA provides a similar service. The pricing is a share of the cost reduction Cedexis is enabling. The developers are mostly Americans, based in various part of the world.

Cedexis at Club Melcion

Picture: chart with performances variations per CDN providers

Cedexis at Club Melcion

Picture: Julien Coulon, Cedexis co-founder.

Cedexis is supported by Melcion Chassagne & Cie, a consulting firm geared to entrepreneurs.Three partners are based in the US and one is in Paris.

(From an original article by Eliane Fiolet)

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