Europreneur Secrets – Favorite Web Aps of European Entrepreneurs from Traveling Geeks Trip #TG2009

by on August 18, 2009 at 12:45 am

Klaas Wiema and Mathys van Abbe

Klaas Wiema and Mathys van Abbe

This is first in a series where I take JD Lasica’s meme “Coolest Power Tools” on a “spin” to see not what our US geeks are using, but what our European Brethren find as their favorite aps.

I’ve queried some of my favorite new friends from Amsterdam, London and Cambridge about the tools they love. Here’s the first response, from Mathys van Abbe, founder of MobyPicture.


My list:
playfoursquare; In my opinion the first potential successful Location Based Service. Really like the fact they use playfulness to reach the necessary critical mass.

soundcloud; Revolutionary collaborative tool for musicians. Not at all that musical myself, but really admire the distruptiveness of the service and the simple interface.

startpix; Nice intuitive visual startpage which I use over 250 times a day. The fact it is visual and fills over time really makes it the easiest start on the web.

Image of Mobypicture Register from Twitter
Image of Mobypicture Register

mobypicture; founder and heaviest user ever since the launch. Not because you have to practise what you preach, but simply because I love to share my adventures!

Mathys’ blog:

Here are my favorites:

Susan Bratton

MobyPicture for syndicating my photos and videos from my iPhone and Mac across all my social nets simultaneously (kicks TwitPic’s booty). I wrote about it here.

TweetLater Professional for scheduling tweets in advance (I wrote about it in my roundup of social media tools)

Trackur for online reputation management and social listening. It’s superior to Google Alerts. (See my post on Online Reputation Guidelines.

• Testing uberVU, a social media commenting tracking and reply system, in their private beta. (See my post on this.)

• A Twitter Custom Search bookmark on her Firefox browser toolbar (see my post on how to do this).

Skype with screen sharing (see Are You There? Skype is My Traveling Geeks Lifeline).

• Innovate Ads “video spokesperson” and video banners for my book, Talk Show Tips. See Creating a High Converting Video Spokesperson for Your Landing Page).

iMovie with YouTube uploader

WordPress with Zemanta plug-in (image and article recommendations) for Firefox


Flickr via iPhoto uploader

Tweetdeck on her Mac Mini

iPhone app: Twitterific

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