Europreneur Secrets – Scan Biz Cards with Your Mobile: Jack Lang

by on August 21, 2009 at 3:57 pm

Favorite Web Aps of European Entrepreneurs from Traveling Geeks Trip

The geeks are digging up some fun new things which may be new to you.

Jack Lang #WDYDWYD?I’ve queried some of my favorite new friends from Amsterdam, London and Cambridge about the tools they love. Here’s the fifth response, from Jack Lang, EIR at University of Cambridge, Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Jack is also the author of  “The High Tech Entrepreneur’s Handbook.”

Image by SusanBratton via Flickr

Jack recommends Worldcard mobile. He saw this post of mine:

If CardScan, CaptureTalk and MagicSolver Had a Baby…

Jack says, “I’ve been using Worldcard mobile, and while not perfect (the OCR often needs some manual editing, and it would be nice to add pix and logos ) it has the advantage of capturing the business card then and there. It integrates to Outlook address book, which can then propagate.”

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