Traveling Geeks’ favorite online power tools

by on August 24, 2009 at 5:33 pm

The Traveling Geeks’ tour of the UK this summer was one of the most intense junkets I’ve ever been sucked into. Among other things, I gave my first major talk at Reboot Britain about 21st Century Literacies. One of the nice side-projects is JD’s survey of the geeks about our favorite productivity tools. Check out Coolest power tools of some top geeks:

Howard Rheingold

CopyPaste Pro: “If I had to recommend only one tool for Mac users, this would be it. It remembers the last 200 objects of any media type that I cut or copied to the clipboard.”
• for voice over IP
Google Talk for video chat
Social Media Classroom (of course)
Diigo, a research and knowledge-sharing tool
Final Cut Express
Seesmic Desktop
• video and Mobypicture and Pixelpipe apps

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