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TechCrunch Europa Awards in London

by on July 13, 2009 at 12:01 am

TechCrunch Awards Ceremony (36)We were lucky to be in London for this year’s TechCrunch Europa Awards this past week.

Held half in a venue that was separated by a wide hallway (great for networking), one section had a stage set up while the other was dedicated to passing plates of food and a bar.

There were many differences between similar events in Silicon Valley, notably the diversity, the level of enthusiasm and the dedication to staying up all night to celebrate, well after the venue closed its doors.

Outside, people gathered as it was a relatively warm night; cameras were shooting, flips were activated and wine was pouring. (more…)

Rap to Celebreate Darwin 200th Anniversary

by on July 12, 2009 at 12:09 pm

As I was dining with a group of technology innovators, scientists, professors and entrepreneurs in Cambridge at Kings College on Friday night, someone played a rap from the previous night, which was in celebration of the Darwin 200th Anniversary Dinner. Click below to listen.

Download RapcambridgeMemo

Econsultancy London Round Tables

by on July 8, 2009 at 6:40 pm


Econsultancy has set up an event for the Traveling Geeks where we’ll have round tables discussing technology as it relates to community, customer service and innovation with a focus on social media tools.

This is a way we can “power network” with a LOT of UK companies that are clients of Econsultancy’s and are of interest to us.

We are meeting at the Swan at the Globe – the restaurant at the Globe Theatre originally build in Shakespeare’s time.

The Companies:

Photobox, Warner Music, eOffice,, Channel4, Intruders tv,, Mandate, Macmillan Cancer Support, Equalities Human Rights Commission, London 2012, Progenit, Poke, Random House and Summit Media

The Geeks:

* Robert Scoble @scobleizer
* Craig Newmark @craignewmark
* Sarah Lacy @sarahcuda
* Howard Rheingold @hrheingold
* Meghan Asha @meghanasha
* JD Lasica @jdlasica
* Tom Foremski @tomforemski
* Sarah Austin @pop17
* Susan Bratton @susanbratton
* Jeff Saperstein
* Renee Blodgett @weblogtheworld, @magicsourcemedia
* Jim Schuyler @jimsky7

Find out more about each of them and their interests at

Econsultancy guests:

* Community Product Manager, BSkyB
* Manager, and Mobile Innovation, BA
* Global Digital Marketing Director, Warner Music
* Commercial Director, Photobox
* Head of Marketing for Future Media & Technology
* Founder & CEO, eOffice
* Head of Digital, OMD
* Co-founder, Poke London
* International COO, MySpace
* Head of Innovation,
* Head of New Media Marketing and Communications, Channel 4
* Head of Content and Co-Founder, Intruders tv
* Platform Evangelist, Adobe
* Jim Sterne, CEO, Emetrics
* Digital Guru,
* Head of Social Media, iCrossing
* Associate Director, Mandate
* Director, Nixon McInnes
* Freelance Social Software Consultant
* Head of Digital Marketing, Macmillan Cancer Support
* Head of Digital, Equalities Human Rights Commission
* Head of New Media, London 2012
* Head of Social Media & Stakeholder Engagement, UK Department for Innovation, Universities & Skills
* Head of Audience Development, Telegraph Media Group
* Editor-in-Chief, Internet Retailing
* CEO, Make It Rain
* Junior Account Executive, Make It Rain
* Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University
* Content Editor, e-skills UK
* Project Officer – Skills, Northwest Vision and Media
* Head of Ecommerce, Random House
* Digital Media Communications, EMEA, Dell
* Marketing and Ecommerce Consultant, Progenit
* Managing Director, Summit Media
* Online Help Manager, Carphone Warehouse

Rebecca Lieb, VP North America, Econsultancy

Rebecca Lieb, VP North Amercia was a recent guest on DishyMix where we talked about Econsultancy and her new book,The Truth About Search Engine Optimization.”

Click here to listen now or subscribe in iTunes.

Rebecca Lieb on The Truth About SEO, Journo Interview Techniques and Oceans & Otters

Speed Dating with Tech Entrepreneurs in London “US/UK Speed Date with SeedCamp Winners” as Part of the Traveling Geeks Blog Junket #TG2009

by on July 6, 2009 at 3:10 pm

One of the fun events we’ve created for the #TG2009 trip July 5-11th is a “US/UK Speed Date” event where the Geeks are moving from company to company around the room to collectively meet with all of the SeedCamp winnners.


SeedCamp is an organization that matches mentors with technology entrepreneurs. It’s a terrific idea and one that goes beyond just the relationship of a venture capital firm with their investment companies.

I’ve reviewed these organizations in advance and will hope to capture as many of their business models and unique points of differentiation for you on the trip as possible.

Here’s a list of the companies with whom we’ll meet for this event. This is my quick overview of what I got out of just looking at the home pages of each of their websites. I’ll be briefing you more via this blog as I get to hear their stories.

The biggest thing I noticed in reviewing these sites is the terrific work coming out of the UK. The Silicon Valley used to have an unfair advantage of venture capitalists, tech workers and local savvy. No more.

Today I am working out of Utah on my MacBook Pro, starting to write this blog post on free WordPress software that was updated by my tech guy from India (thanks, Satish!). Once you see the creations of these Seedcamp winners, you’ll agree that consumer web service creation is no longer coming solely from the California coast.

Basekit Groupspaces Huddle Kwaga Moo Qype School of Everything Skimlinks Spotify Stupeflix Ubervu Zemanta


Basekit Drag and Drop Object-Oriented Web Site Designer. Hot area for massive growth, according to moi. Can’t wait for this demo.

Groupspaces The next generation of Yahoo! Groups, full of excellent features, like file sharing, payment systems, group scheduling. Finally, someone with an alternative to that heaving elder, Y! Groups.


Huddle Like Basecamp. Interested to see the differences. Global collaborative projects are here and Huddle knows it.


Kwaga Email management system. Perhaps like OtherInBox? Hoping it has support for Apple Mail.


Moo We all love those little cards. Checking in on the advances of one of the most fun, unique companies in the world of printing.


Qype User-generated local reviews. Yelp for Europe and South America (so far).


School of Everything Great idea – sign up to teach something or cruise the database for something you’d like to learn. As Boomers age out, they want to give back and have a lot of skills. Great individual matching opportunities for unique skill sets. Fire dancing anyone?

Skimlinks Site-wide JavaScript to add affiliate link codes to your whole site. If you are a publisher, signed up with a bunch of affiliates, this is a great way to automate links on your site to add affiliate code and get rolled up reporting.


Spotify A new spin on music. Waiting to see the demo. My buddy, Shak Kahn, is involved so I know it’s going to be clever.

Stupeflix Kinda like Animoto – take your photos, images and add your music to create a video. This is absolutely what’s hot right now and I like the new empowering tools for folks who want to be creative but aren’t schooled in the arts.


Ubervu If Twitter Search and Google Alerts had a baby, it would be Ubervu. I’m super high on the meta services for social nets. Like MobyPicture, a syndication tool that let’s you post your images, audio and video to all your soc nets in one fell swoop, Ubervu is a social listening tool that also lets you comment from the ap. This is smart – take out the steps to commenting by helping you reply and comment to any service from one ap. Can’t wait to see this demo.


Zemanta Speaking of “commenting,” Zemanta is a Firefox extention that gives you creative ideas for adding images and other associated content to the comments you’re making on the web. I’ve installed it and will play with it and see if it makes me look smarter. ;)

P.S. At SXSW, I interviewed Dave Taylor ( about his blog commenting strategy. At this juncture of the web, you must engage in social listening, and Dave gives some great strategies for commenting and managing your time around responding. Here’s the interview.

Dave Taylor and Susan Bratton Community Powered Podcast SXSW

Dave Taylor and Susan Bratton

Original Post – Click Here

Susan Bratton & Dave Taylor on Social Media Strategies for Staying in the Game Without Being Overwhelmed – Coping Mechanisms from @DaveTaylor

Listen Now
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Great Show for Traveling Geeks’ London TweetUp

by on July 6, 2009 at 11:00 am

Traveling Geeks organized a Tweetup at London’s JuJu last night, sponsored by NESTA, The Conversation Group, and Symbian.

Below are a few snaps from the event that included start-up entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, bloggers, journalists and vendors.

Traveling Geeks Sky Schuyler, Susan Bratton, Renee Blodgett and Howard Rheingold

Sky-Schuyler Susan-Bratton Renee-Blodget and Howard-Rheingold (4)

Claire Walker and Mark Mellor from Firefly Communications

Clare from Conversation Group

Sarah Lacy, Meghan Asha

Tweetup at JuJu in London (1)

Craig Newmark talks to a group of London geeks

Craig and Howard talk to geeks at Tweetup (1)

Tweetup (1)

Traveling Geeks JuJu Tweetup in July (1)

Traveling Geeks JuJu Tweetup in July

Symbian’s Joe Neale




Mitzi (1)

Micha and Danielle from Digitrad

Micha and Danielle Digitrad

Ayelet Robert Scoble and Renee-Blodgett (1)

Jon Wheatley, founder of Daily Booth

Jon-Wheatley founder of Daily Booth

JuJu Traveling Geeks tweetup

Traveling Geeks JuJu Tweetup in July (1)

Dennis and Joe Morin

Dennis and Joe-Morin

Tweetup at JuJu

Rosemary Forsyth, Vincent Camera, Renee Blodgett

Rosemary Forsyth Vincent Camera and Renee Blodgett at Traveling Geeks JuJu Tweetup

Tweetup at JuJu in London (13)

Tweetup at JuJu in London (11)

Tweetup at JuJu in London (3)

JD Lasica and Susan Bratton in a London Cab Leaving the TweetUp

by on July 5, 2009 at 7:56 pm

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Howard Rheingold and Susan Bratton at the London TweetUp #TG2009

by on July 5, 2009 at 6:22 pm

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Traveling Geeks TweetUp a Success!

by on July 5, 2009 at 4:44 pm

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Joe Neale aka @Joe from Symbian at the London TweetUp #TG2009

by on July 5, 2009 at 4:00 pm

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This Week SVW Is In London And Cambridge

by on July 5, 2009 at 2:49 pm

This week I’ll be in London and Cambridge as part of the Traveling Geeks tour. We’ll be meeting with various UK companies and organizations.

I’m particularly interested in the startup culture here in the UK and how it differs from Silicon Valley. I’m always looking for what makes Silicon Valley different from anywhere else and why it is so difficult to create Silicon Valley-like regions around the world.

Clearly, to create a sustainable center of innovation it takes more than building a business park around a university and injecting some startup capital. The answer must lie in the culture of Silicon Valley. But can that culture be exported? Do regional innovation centers have unique cultures specific to their particular brand of innovation?

Maybe I can find out some answers during this trip.

Also, I’ll be posting about some of the companies and personalities I meet during this trip. So please check back regularly. Also, you can follow my colleagues on the Traveling Geeks website and Twitter — and if you get a chance, join us at some of the open evening events. Here is our agenda.

Here is a brief overview. We’ll be at…

A NESTA-sponsored conference about moving forward in the new economy, a U.S./U.K. Speed Date with Seed Camp Winners and UK Leaders; eConsultancy Innovator’s Open Discussion; the TechCrunch Europa Awards; University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School Roundtable on Open Innovation; as well as meetings with Nokia Labs, Microsoft Labs, East of England International, Skype and others.

The blhttpoggers will also be speaking and participating at a Reboot Britain event and the Guardian’s first Media Talk Live event, as well as organizing a TweetUp in central London on the evening of July 5, 2009, which is being sponsored by NESTA and The Conversation Group.

My Twitter is:

My Friendfeed is:

Twitter hashtag for the trip is #tg2009

Fellow Traveling Geeks:

Robert Scoble

Robert needs no introduction. He is a social media factory!




Craig Newmark

The Craig in Craigslist and a one-man support machine that rivals a dozen call centers.




Sarah Lacy

Sarah is an editor at Techcrunch and a prolific writer and book author.




Howard Rheingold

Howard used to edit the Whole Earth Review and is one of the leading thinkers of the digital age.




Meghan Asha

Meghan is one of the micro-celebrity It girls from the East coast.




JD Lasica

JS works with non-profits helping them to use social media tools for social change.

Blogs: &



Susan Bratton

Susan is co-founder and CEO of publisher Personal Life Media.




Jeff Saperstein

Jeff is a co-founder of Traveling Geeks. He consults with large corporations on business strategy.


Blog on Israel:

Renee Blodgett

Public relations maven and co-founder of the Traveling Geeks.




Jim (“Sky”) Schuyler

The CTO for the Dalai Lama.



Ayelet Noff

Aylef is based in Israel where she runs a marketing consultancy.




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