Garage Geeks, Bloggers, and More

by on April 15, 2008 at 5:00 am

Israeli tech people have been extraordinarily hospitable with our group.

Sunday evening we went to a party in the industrial area of Holon. Filled with an amazing collection? bloggers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists schmoozing with rock music blasting while consuming potluck?pizza, falafel, beer, wine, and bbq skewers. Lots of good connection.

Monday we had an elegant dinner with about fifty Israeli tech folks at Mendys in Tel Aviv: VC’s, entrepreneurs, Haaretz Marker execs and lots more. The dinner (elegant, copious and delicious) was hosted by two amazing entrepreneurs. Check out their companies Flixwagon and Meemix

Tuesday we were hosted by Israel 21 C a news service that presents stories of Israel beyond the conflict with Israeli Bloggers for a cocktail party in Mish Mish, (means apricots in Hebrew) a hip bar salon. So hard to go back to the Bay Area and return to our fairly boring lives after all this attention.