Gil Shwed and Checkpoint

by on April 17, 2008 at 5:00 am

While unknown by most American Jews, Gil Shwed is a role model entrepreneur for Israel. He is most admired because he founded and grew Check Point, the global leader in Internet security (think firewall and anti-hacker programs).

Gil spoke with our group in his office. Contrary to convention, it is no longer true that the best business model for Israeli companies is to base in the US and use Israeli engineers?this is a big issue here. Gil runs a global company with management both in the US and Israel. Israel is a very good place to start and grow a business and Gil feels he has fewer problems and disincentives in Israel than he has in Silicon Valley.

Gil is a global business leader and frequently commutes to the SF Bay Area fro business. He has created great regional wealth in both places.