Improve Your Inductive Reasoning Through Mind360

by on August 5, 2009 at 11:56 pm

LogoRightBeta I recently learned about this cool Israel-based company Mind360, which develops mind games and it’s not just for older folks with aging brains.

As you get older that it’s harder to find where you left your car keys, your brush, even your cup of coffee while you’re running around the house trying to get out in the morning?

The brain is a muscle – I learned a lot about how the brain tools and retrains itself after my grandfather had a stroke.

Advanced brain training games help improve your memory, increase your ability to stay focused, and help you make faster and better decisions.

Brain Training Benefits:

* Sharpen your memory
* Stay focused longer
* Increased alertness and awareness
* Make quicker and wiser decisions
* Boost your productivity
* Function better overall
* Feel better about yourself and your life

Not only do these guys develop the games and training programs for you to meet your own personal goals, but they have the data (and returning players) to prove they work. Rubix cube Aging boomers can certainly gain, not just their parents.

Using the game as a medium, you follow whatever personal brain fitness program that’s right for you, advancing you from one level to the next.

You can not only track your progress, but a Personal Trainer will also guide you with instant feedback indicating in which cognitive areas you are strong and where you can improve.

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