An Intense Journey Down Under…

by on December 25, 2008 at 2:18 pm

I'm still on a deep down under journey and no, its not Australia. I'm still in South Africa a couple of weeks following a blogging expedition.

Time, space, perspective and engagement have all contributed to a brand new reality, one that reminds you again and again that you're not in Kansas anymore. Since the journey continues, its unlikely I'll be writing traditional Web 2.0 or social media posts for the next few weeks, or any for that matter.

That said, in addition to exploring the 'interior,' I am here for business reasons as well…..meeting with interesting technology and energy companies as well as South African entrepreneurs and heads who are working on innovative projects across the board – renewable energy, healthcare, politics, sports, branding, technology, agriculture, eco-friendly, science, and the arts.

More than a decade and a half since my last exploration of the area, the country remains as beautiful as it ever was……and as intriguing, mysterious, complex and stunning. The stories will be trickling out here and posted simultaneously to We Blog the World. Did I say Merry Christmas yet? From Down Under, the mysterious dark continent not the one that houses Ayers Rock.