Ballooning Over Oldest Mountains in the World

by on December 11, 2008 at 6:52 am

Nic Haralambous coverage of our blogging balloon trip over the oldest mountains in the world, located in South Africa’s Magaliesburg. Video uploaded to one of his many gigs, Zoopy, South Africa’s YouTube.

Below is a shot of owner Bill Harrop and his wife who founded the operation in 1981. Today, their ballooning grounds sits on beautiful South African countryside. Departure time? 5:30 am baby. It’s an early one, but they deliver with a welcoming champagne full buffet breakfast after you land. It’s not too difficult to see from the photos below how authentic and character-rich Harrop is – a joy to listen to and watch.



A fun hammy shots in the air and on the ground…..



Group shot in front of the deflated balloon which took eight strong men to manage and tie up. (all with a smile on their face)


And front a distance…….ah yes, amazing views. The color of the sky was breathtaking….





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