Blogging Tour South Africa Kick Off

by on November 30, 2008 at 1:15 am

I am invited by the International Marketing Council of South Africa to see some of their best technology, and to get a sense of the country. All expenses are paid but I will write what I want about this trip. Africa is not the first place that comes in mind when we think about broadband connection and technology, so I thought that it could be good to go and check out what is going on there. I arrived two days ago in Johannesburg at the Rosebank Hotel and I met the other bloggers last night during an instructive dinner. Check out the photos by clicking on the gallery button, all names will be written later when I confirm the right spelling.

During the week, we will visit the deepest mine in the world (3.7 km underground!), and the largest diamond mining ship in a government secured area, this is for sure backed by some serious technology! We will get a demo of the South African electric car and I will discover the latest Web apps that are coming up here.

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  1. Tre :)

    Nov 30th, 2008

    Wow….so excited for you and in awe of this opportunity for you and for all of us as we follow your twitter feeds and the frequent entries. Eager to hear more on how this all evolved. Meanwhile enjoy every ounce of it all and know that you’re hugged for your courage and pioneering steps. Much luv….Tre 😉

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