Cape Town: The Silicon Valley of Africa?

by on October 2, 2009 at 11:42 pm

Silicon cape logo Silicon Cape is a new event in South Africa started by investors and entrepreneurs who have spent time in Silicon Valley.

More than an event, it’s a brand, an idea that everyone could ‘rally around’ in the Cape. My blogger pal Matthew Buckland, who has been asked to MC the kick-off event, writes about the launch on his blog.

The goal is to attract the best entrepreneurs, technical brains and foreign investment to South Africa.

The kick off event will gather partners and key innovators in the incubation and investor space, where they plan to bring together key stakeholders from all sectors — entrepreneurs, investors, marketers, media, big business, and local government.

Further adding weight to the launch will be the attendance of Provincial premier Helen Zille (and another important dignitary yet to be announced). Their hope is to push this out to the community to run with it.

Why not? After all, isn’t that the Silicon Valley way?