Learning about the Q Fund

by on November 17, 2008 at 12:29 am

Logo_smaller I ran into some folks tonight who know the founders of the Q Fund, an organization dedicated to ensure a free education for vulnerable children so they can realize their dreams and talents. Yes, education, but its about so much more as I geared up to hear more.

No surprise that the discussion came about as we were discussing my upcoming trip to South Africa. The founder was living South Africa in 1997, not long after I was living there the second time around. As she came face-to-face with the plight of millions of orphaned African children, she used photography to recount their courageous and heartrending story in her book, African Journal: A Child’s Continent, an inspiring narrative of how these children taught her the true meaning of love.

The Q Fund has developed partnerships with numerous like-minded organizations and individuals and is spearheading a collaborative effort to build the Mucinshi School – a world-class high school in Zambia which will become the prototype for a scalable, replicable model that can be used to help children and communities in need anywhere in the world.

I plan to dig deeper but didn’t want to miss an opportunity to introduce the organization to people who may never have heard about them. Introduce and of course share their core values:

Free education for vulnerable children.

To honor cultural differences and heritage of communities.

To design and build facilities and infrastructure that conserve, protect and enhance natural resources.

To empower individuals and communities to achieve financial independence.

To deliver measurable results within a specified timeframe with transparency and complete accountability.

To develop community-based businesses which become the foundation of thriving, sustainable economies.

To acknowledge through our mutual endeavors our growth and development as human beings.

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