A Chat with BT Openzone’s Chris Bruce

by on July 20, 2009 at 4:01 pm

Below I’m chatting with BT Openzone’s CEO Chris Bruce at the top of BT Tower in London last week during a dinner BT hosted for the Traveling Geeks.

We used their dongles on the road from London to Cambridge and back again. It’s essentially the equivalent of the Verizon EVDO card I have for my Thinkpad.

£9.99 gives you the dongle and works for people who have a Home Broadband (ADSL) Option 3 connection – with 1Gig 3G access for 18 months and an array of other features including unlimited wifi.

Prices for other packages vary depending of amount of 3G Gigs per monthly usage and features of the ADSL broadband.

For pure pre-pay customers, the cost of the dongle cannot be covered by a monthly usage charge and so the cost is obviously higher.

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