At #rebootbritain: tech and risk taking can help restore a gov’t and an economy

by on July 6, 2009 at 2:12 pm

07062009012 Okay, I was on a panel involving serious use of tech for innovation.

Long story, but my focus was on how a lot of people in the US, gov't and private industry, know how to get stuff done.

That's equally true of the UK.

That is, there're already a lot of solutions out there, but getting people to work together is required.

Online social media can be used to do that.

There are many other issues, and one bears more discussion later. The deal is that in Silicon Valley culture, failure is accepted as a normal stage in business.

That's not the case elsewhere, at least as much as needed, like the Boston/Rte. 128 corridor, Washington DC, or like I'm being told, the UK.

More later.

(depicted outside the meeting space is the LOST character, Faraday, the quantum physicist.)

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