BT Tower by Night

by on July 7, 2009 at 12:19 am

BT hosted a magical dinner for the Traveling Geeks at the BT Tower in West London last night. BT’s CEO Ian Livingston greeted us (below) and JP Rangaswami followed up with introductions to countless meet-and-greets, which included BT and NESTA managers and directors, as well as other partners and affiliates, such as a team from Ribbit, over from Silicon Valley for a board meeting. (they were acquired by BT roughly a year ago).

Ian Livingston CEO of BT at private dinnre

The view was incredible:

London from BT Tower (4)

The food a treat (scallop salad, jersey royal potato pancetta frisse sauce with slow roasted beef fillet, girolles, baby carrot broad beans and summer truffles with red wine reduction).

The hospitality and service incredible (our telecom giants could learn a thing or two). Below a few fun snapshots from our evening.

The BT creative mastermind behind our a collage with character-like images of each of the Geeks…

The BT genius who did the collage

Collage that BT did for us (6)

Collage that BT did for us (8)

Ribbit’s Don Thorson, Tom Foremski, Rocky

Tom Foremski and Rocky

Howard Rheingold, Sarah Lacy, Joe, Renee Blodgett, Meghan Asha, Jeff Saperstein

Howard Rheingld Sarah Lacy Joe Renee Blodgett Meghan Asha Jeff Saperstein at BT Tower in London

BT Execs at BT Dinner (2)

Sarah Lacy

Sarah Lacy (1)

BT Execs at BT Dinner (1)

Ian and Jeff Saperstein at dinner

Jeff Saperstein at BT Dinnre

Two of our BT hosts and Renee Blodgett, Sarah Lacy and Susan Bratton

Renee Blodgett Sarah Lacy and Susan Bratton with the BT Guys at BT Tower in London

Susan Bratton and Sky Schuyler

Susan Bratton and Sky Schuyler

Meghan Asha

Meghan Asha

The Geeks crowd into one of the last elevators south for the night…

Geeks in an Elevator Susan Bratton Renee Blodgett Rocky JD and Tom Foremski

London even delivered us a sunset…

Sunset from Londons BT Tower July 6 2009

And Robert Scoble wasn’t quite done shooting…..all the way home

Robert-Scoble at BT in London (1)