Cambridge’s Nokia Labs Key Research Areas

by on July 10, 2009 at 3:58 pm

I’m at Nokia Labs in Cambridge England looking at their latest innovations under the hood. Four Key research areas for them include: rich context modeling, new user interfaces, high performance mobile platforms and cognitive radio.

We looked at smart surface materials that externally control color change as well as nano sensing in future mobile devices.

Jani Kivioja Director of Tech at Nokia Research Center in Cambridge

Consider the mobile opportunities with over 3 billion mobile subscribers today. The Labs folks tout an outstanding statistic: up to 90% of the 6 billion people on earth will have mobile coverage by 2010. Note the adjective coverage, not mobile phones.

We also covered physical and digital worlds from personal to global sensor information.

Below Nokia’s head of social media worldwide: Mark Squires in Cambridge.

Mike-Squires head of social media for Nokia globally at Cambridge Nokia Labs (2)