Europreneur Secrets – Favorite Web Aps of European Entrepreneurs- Andraz Tori

by on August 20, 2009 at 7:30 pm

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This is fourth in a series where I take JD Lasica’s meme “Coolest Power Tools” on a “spin” to see not what our US geeks are using, but what our European Brethren find as their favorite aps. They are digging up some fun new things which may be new to you.

I’ve queried some of my favorite new friends from Amsterdam, London and Cambridge about the tools they love. Here’s the third response, from, Andraz Tori, Founder of Zemanta, my favorite new ap.

Andraz Tori

Andraz Tori

Founder of Zemanta, a blogger's best friend

Founder of Zemanta, a blogger’s best friend

Andraz’s List:

Here are the coolest web apps by my standards:

s3:// a firefox extension. Simple yet powerful browser through your S3
data store/backup.

Google’s ‘essential’ Pack – Docs, Calc, Reader, Calendar, Blog Search
and Search
Sharing docs, data and news items has never been so easy and so useful!

Pearltrees This has been shown to me when I was in Paris. This is cool,
and sexy and I have absolutely no idea how to use it. :)

And naturally Zemanta, blogger’s best friend
Easy and simple.
My wider observation is that I don’t go and “use apps”. I go and “do tasks” which happen to include a mix of apps.
Now if I only could drop the requirement to “go to” certain web applications and those tools would instead seamlessly come to me wherever I am and whenever I need them…

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