Huddle Integrates Humanity into Next-Gen Collaboration Tool #TG2009

by on July 15, 2009 at 3:52 pm

Andy McLoughlin (@bandrew @huddle) and Alastair Mitchell asked this simple question:

What happens when the MySpace gen goes to work?

If Andy and Alastair have the answer, it’s “use Huddle,” their collaboration service that succinctly integrates file management, file sharing, permissions, whiteboards, task management, and online meeting tools into a clean interface that comes to you, in your social environment.

Huddle Workspace

Huddle Workspace

One of the first companies invited to integrated into LinkedIn, Huddle is next launching within Ning – to bring group collaboration tools to groups, where than hang out.

I’ve used Basecamp and Lighthouse among other collaboration tools and Huddle looks like a definite improvement for a few reasons. First, the buddy list brings humanity into an experience that’s previously been “document” or “project-focused” rather than people-focused. Secondly, there’s web conferencing built right in. Third, you can live edit documents together, which I find I do often. And you can manage tasks for multiple projects in your account.

At Personal Life Media, though our experts are mostly in NY and SF, our production group is in Florida, we have developers in Chicago, New York and Chennai. All businesses are moving to global collaboration and Huddle is the next generation of collaboration tools. And there’s a Freemium business model, so you can try out a free account.

Replace Basecamp, GoToMeeting, Google Docs and your Chat ap with Huddle.

Andy McLoughlin, co-founder, Huddle

Andy McLoughlin, co-founder, Huddle

These co-founders have a great personal interaction - a good sign for success.

These co-founders have a great personal interaction – a good sign for success.

Andy and Alasdair Speed Dating with Howard Rheingold

Andy and Alasdair Speed Dating with Howard Rheingold

From the Seedcamp Profile:

Andy McLoughlin     Alastair Mitchell

Twitter: huddle



Contact Phone: +44 (0)7811 103 540

Company Description

Established by Alastair Mitchell and Andy McLoughlin in November 2006, is a multi award-winning network of secure online workspaces where users can share files, collaborate on ideas, manage projects and organise virtual meetings.
Its customers include P&G, Pearson, Nokia and UNICEF, hundreds of thousands of small businesses and a number of UK and US government departments. Huddle’s API enables developers to integrate their applications and build new services on top of the Huddle platform.
In October 2008, launched on the LinkedIn application platform as the only non-US company, alongside Amazon and Google. In February 2009, the company partnered with InterCall, the world’s largest conferencing provider, to provide services to theit 1M+ customers. In June 2009 BusinessWeek called one of their ‘50 most promising startups’ globally.’s 30 staff are headquartered in London with sales offices in Chicago. A San Francisco office will open in September 2009.