Moby Picture: What Matters to us is Your Story

by on July 19, 2009 at 1:18 pm

Mathys van Abbe from Moby Picture was in London during our latest geek tour.

MobyPictures Mathys van Abbe

I didn’t have enough time to put their app through the test on the Nokia N79 we were using on the ground, but I plan to load it up on whatever new phone I end up with in the next couple of weeks. It’s most definitely time for a new one.

Their mission is to enable users to share their adventures as easily as possible. Says Mathys, “it’s not about the technology. What matters to us is your story.”

Moby Picture adds as much context in the background as possible to enrich your content. They also match your location against other content taken in the same timeframe, determine whether there’s a popular spot nearby, or an event going on.

Moby picture screen

Groups enable you to aggregate content about specific interests, events, hobbies, etc. Using this feature, you can post to a group in a variety of ways, but the simplest is to just add the group hashtag (like #moby) to the title or description of your posting.

They are working on closing deals with publishers and are encouraging third party developers to use their APIs. More after I start playing with it.

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