Pearltrees Beta Launches on Wednesday: Will Let You Archive the Links You Share on Twitter

by on December 7, 2009 at 2:12 am

pearltrees_web_nov09a.jpgAt this year’s LeWeb conference, Pearltrees will launch the beta version of its bookmarking and curation service. In this beta, Pearltrees will introduce some interesting features for Twitter users. Starting Wednesday, Pearltrees users will be able to connect their Twitter accounts to the service. Pearltrees will continuously scan your Twitter account and index every link you share on Twitter. Currently, shared links on Twitter are often quickly forgotten, but thanks to the new Pearltrees connection, you will be able to easily create an archive of all the links you have shared with your friends.


We got a chance to discuss Pearltrees and its upcoming launch with the company’s CEO Patrice Lamothe in the startup’s Paris offices today. According to Lamothe, the average Pearltrees user already spends about 12 minutes per day on the site. According to Lamothe, the company’s mission it to give users the option to curate anything on the Web and make it easy to archive all the links and content you share online. You can find our in-depth review of PearlTrees here.

Thanks to the new Twitter feature, which will put all of the links you share on Twitter into a drop box on Pearltrees, you can now easily create a complete archive of all the content you share. You still have to organize this content yourself, however. Pearltrees does not feature auto-tagging.

Also Coming This Week: Real-Time Updates

Starting on Wednesday, Pearltrees will not just allow you to import links from Twitter, but the service will also be able to send out alerts to your Twitter friends when you update your own pearls.

In addition, the company will also introduce a new search feature and updates from other users you follow will be updated in real time. It’s important to note that Pearltrees’ focus is less on following other users. Instead, Lamothe stressed, the real value of the service is in following the content that others users create on the service.

API Coming Soon

Early next year, the company will introduce an API that will allow developers to access bookmarks and import and export data from other services. The details of this API are still in flux, but will likely allow developers to easily connect other social networks to the service as well.

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