Pearltrees Launches New TEAM Feature at LeWeb10

by on December 8, 2010 at 3:18 pm

Pearltrees2Pearltrees, a leading curation tool, launched a new team feature at LeWeb10 in Paris this week. More than a new feature, the “team” functionality makes Pearltrees the world’s first real-time collaborative curation community.

With Pearltrees “Team” release, curating content becomes social and immediate and curation becomes a playful, social activity.

Amidst blogger, podcaster, media and entrepreneur activity and panel discussions today in LeWeb’s towering halls (3 in total — separated by a snow and sleet storm) at a place called Les Docks in the northern part of Paris, Pearltrees’ CEO Patrice Lamothe and his team demoed Pearltrees Team to attendees, which they also showed on a touch screen.

Pearltrees booth at leweb day1 (16)

The number of possible uses for Pearltrees Team is virtually infinite:

  •  Journalists can now team up to curate public interest topics such as the Wikileaks pages to share them with the world.
  •  Physicians might team up to curate information on a medical condition like autism for the benefit of their patients.
  • Friends can now collaborate to plan a holiday by curating cool locations, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • Experts and interested parties can work together to organize an aggregation of existing content such as a library of videos.

Other platforms focus on friends or followers; Pearltrees is a social curation community where people connect with one another via shared interests. It is the first place where people from anywhere on the planet can spontaneously “team up” to explore and organize the largest library in the world.

Below, Patrice Lamothe demos to Gabe Rivera at a blogger luncheon at Alcazar.

Pearltrees blogger lunch (77)
 Pearltrees Team has a number of key features that makes it unique:

  • it is the first and only fully collaborative platform: people can team up and curate in real time;
  • it is not limited to just a few services: it is possible to curate anything on the web;
  • the unique visual interface escapes the limitations of lists and pages giving users the ability to see everything at once or drill down to a specific interest almost instantly;
  • Pearltrees also gives users unlimited curation capacity;
  • Pearltrees is completely free.

Pearltrees is currently in open beta, interested parties can sign up today by visiting

Pearltrees booth at leweb day1 (22)