Seedcamp at NESTA, part of the Traveling Geeks tour

by on July 8, 2009 at 3:46 am

Hey, the folks at Seedcamp, with NESTA, have done remarkable work with a number of British Net-related companies.  My fellow geeks spoke with the following day; I was consistently impressed, these guys have real stuff. I've already started using some of their work:

Basekit Rapid website design and development tools.

Groupspaces Group webspaces.

Huddle combines live conferencing,
project management software and document sharing.

Kwaga creating a new revolutionary service that will
help you manage your mail.

Moo miniature business cards

Qype Local reviews on everything

School of Everything puts teachers in touch
with potential student

Skimlinks hyperlinks keywords in websites

Spotify legally downloading songs.

Stupeflix automatically arranges and animates
banks of pictures.

Ubervu  meta-web 2.0, merges and tracks
conversations and feeds across the web.

Zemanta dynamic text editor that assists in
content creation and addition

Songkick music concert online database.