Traveling Geeks meet French Incubators at Paris Development Agency

by on December 9, 2009 at 9:12 am

Traveling Geeks


Today the Traveling Geeks saw presentations from 11 interesting startups at French incubator, the Paris Development Agency. Among them was Stribe, a company TechZulu originally interviewed at the TechCrunch50 conference earlier this year. Stribe offers a plug and play service for instantly creating a social network on any Web site. There will be more news on this front during LeWeb.

The other promising startups included:

Zoomorama – a zooming application that digs into the details of a site, increasing engagement and conversion rates. The company’s main target is e-commerce sites with rich media. Zoomorama was a finalist at the Microsoft BizSpark event at South by Southwest Interactive 2009.

Scan & Target – a SaaS solution for real-time text mining and analysis of User Generated Content.

Rue89 – an interesting online news outlet offering a cross between and Huffington Post. The site offers up a hybrid mix of traditional journalists, industry experts and User Generated Content.

Gostai – a consumer robotics company that just released its software, Urbi, under an Open Source license.

PathMotion – provides relevant career and job search by helping consumers identify their career goals and learn from the experience of others. The company is targeting recruiters with problems screening candidates.

MLState – has created OPA (One Pot Application), a new development architecture for building social networks, games, etc.

Teacheo – an online tutoring platform with a live virtual classroom. Teacheo was a RedHerring 100 finalist in Europe. The company is launching a new service called, a toolkit for language learning, gaming, etc. It features synchronized Web browsing and 3D models for student/teacher collaboration.

Stupeflix – a REST API that lets users produce professional videos in real time.

Int13 – a developer of augmented reality games for smartphones

CityZeum – travel guides that mix professional and User Generated Content. CityZeum is available via Web and mobile browser. The site attracted seven million French-speaking travelers in 2009. A US version will be available in approximately five months.

(From an original article by Amanda Coolong)

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