Want ta Know What Irish Web 2.0 Looks Like? Taake a Jeurney Widt Me Dten!

by on November 5, 2010 at 2:20 pm

If you haven’t heard all the buzz in the last week or so about Dublin’s F.ounders event, then you’re not reading the right blogs or sites. It’s a must-attend says Butcher of Techcrunch and hear what other major bloggers and writers in Europe have to say. (scroll to the bottom for the links). My kick-off blog post can be found here. 

Thanks to Enterprise Ireland who made sure I was on a plane for this not-to-be missed event and hats off to Paddy Cosgrave and his team for pulling together an experience that didn’t disappoint. The conference combined engagement, intellectual debate, networking, food, culture, pub crawls, founder stories and illuminaries under one roof for 2.5 days. (the one roof btw was the Dublin sky…….might I add that a vivid memory was of multi-colored and checkered umbrellas, block after block, as we made our way from one event to the next). Below is the event unveiled in images. Enjoy!

What’s so uncanny about this photo of Paddy Cosgrave and Michael Birch chatting at one of the hosted dinners? Except for the slight variation on angles of their glasses, do they not look a helluva lot alike? Can’t recall Birch’s shoes that evening tho now the yank who came all the way to Dublin and pays attention to fashion (including geek fashion) is dying to know.

Paddy-cosgrave and michael-birch (2)

Is that THE Michael Birch behind the counter serving pints of Guinness? How much did they pay you for the hour Mike? Inquiring minds want to know.

Michael-birch pours beer at the guinness storehouse (3)

Did I mention that we took over the Guinness Storehouse?

The guinness storehouse in dublin (17)

You’re probably wondering whose feet these are? They belong to THE Paddy Cosgrave of course, for those who attended but never looked down. These feet are attached to a man who gets things done…..from walking, dialing, connecting, tweeting, emailing and everything under the sun to ensure F.ounders Dublin was a huge success.

Paddy Cosgraves shoes (3)
Fred Karlsson with Donedeal.ie and Ronan Farren with Nappertandy

Fred-karlsson with donedealdotie and ronan farren with nappertandy (1)
Dr. James Wilk and Davnet O’Driscoll

Dr james wilk davnet odriscoll and matthias from moby picture (2)

Dr. Dorian Selz with Memonic and Maurice Collins with Ticket Truck

Dr dorian selz with memonic and maurice collins iwth ticket truck

Chad Hurley during his fireside chat with Robin Wauters (sans the fire)

One of the pre-dinner cocktail receptions was held in a building that resembled a space musuem, well sorta. Result? Darkness with stars baby.


Mathys van Abbe of Moby Picture, Vannesa Fox, Paul Rush, Renee Blodgett


Matt Mullenweg (aka @photomatt – his blog header rocks btw)


Laurent Feras Pierssens

Laurent feral-pierssens

Some nights were blurrier than others, like the jet-legged first night at Saba Restaurant. 

Philip Meagher, CEO of Gruupy

Philip meagher ceo of gruupy

Andy Young of GroupSpaces (and oh btw, this man can DANCE – anyone have photos of him from the happening Krystal night club on the last night?)

Andy-Young of groupspaces

Paddy Cosgrave

It’s a shame you can’t see the kick-ass view of Dublin just behind them.

After party (3)

Musician/storyteller Niall Toner at the Iveagh House dinner.

Yeah, our very own Dave McClure (Silicon Valley Dave McClure that is), showed up and added a little humor with his advice. (for those who missed the memo: he called the Irish community pussies if they did NOT invest in their own, since if they don’t, someone else will….like the damn yankees perhaps).

Frankie Gavin and De Dannan plays at the Iveagh house in dublin (4)

At the final night dinner (held at very cool Guinness Showroom), Paddy Cosgrave gets kudos from the community and other founders, while he thanks those who helped make the event a success! And yup, that is Tariq Krim, SimpleGeo’s Matt Galligan and Jeff Clavier stage right.

IDA hosted dinner at the guinness storehouse in dublin (12)

Kick-off Dinner (before we got any sleep)

Kick off dinner in saba (1)

Paul Rush

Kick off dinner in saba (7)

Vanessa Fox proudly displays her PERFECT PINT certificate (of Guinness that is, what else?)

Vanessa fox gets her guinness certificate

Is that TechCrunch’s Robin Wauters and Mike Butcher? (Butcher, you’re a genius. Thx to you, my Kodak is working again! Note to self and anyone else who wants to know: the man has hidden talents)

Robin-wauters and mike-butcher at guinness storehouse in dublin (2)
Simone Boswell from Enterprise Ireland

Simone at the Iveagh_House dinner in dublin (7)
Renee Blodgett, Tariq Krim and Reshma Sohoni from Seedcamp

Renee-blodgett Reshma-Sohoni (1)
Who are these Irishmen who look so suspect? Hmmm, isn’t the one on my left an imposter? As English as they come Tweetmeme founder Nick Halstead?

Kick off dinner in saba (9)

Crikey and golly-gee, it IS Nick Halstead? Does that mean the English actually showed up? Yes, and then some peeps; it was well worth the trek from all pockets of the continent.

Kick off dinner in saba-nick halstead on the right (11)

Paul Hayes and his adorable and energetic son (after too many brown sugar cubes) at Dublin’s Westbury Hotel.

Paul-hayes and his son at the westbury (24)

Matt Galligan and Tariq Krim

Matt-gallagan with simple-geo and Tariq-Krim (1)
The guinness storehouse in dublin (21)

Product briefings Dublin style? (under an umbrella). Owen Cooney with Tunepresto.

Outside and near the flower market in north dublin - owen with umbrella (11)
BTW, pub crawls are VERY different on the other side of the pond. Think ambience, storytelling, dogs and drapes on decadent windows to die for. The fabrics and carpet are also incredibly rich even if they don’t always match….(details, details, details…)

Cassidys pub (9)
More of those dark black glasses that I used to peg for New York ten years ago.

Kick off dinner in saba (10)

Had I brought a different lens with me, this shot could have been incredible!

Famine Memorial in Dublin

Potato famine statues -Famine Memorial, Dublin (18)
Halloween Dublin style

Halloween night in dublin at the johnnie foxs pub in dublin mountains (21)
Did I mention pub crawls were part of the agenda? Just remember that while some damn good conversations happen on golf courses, they also happen in pubs, under wet umbrellas and in cafes where they serve dark chocolate, dark coffee and dark beer.

Kick off dinner in saba (18) 

Sloane Berrent

Sloane-barrent at the iveagh house in dublin (3)

John Firzsimons with Camara and Ray Smith from DataHug (who won an award at Dublin’s Web Summit – check out the details on www.datahug.com). 

Camara and datahug
Frankie Gavin and De Dannan play at the Iveagh House (okay, so they jammed….man I was dying to dance)

Frankie Gavin and De Dannan plays at the Iveagh house in dublin (17)
And not only did I love her voice but she knows how to entertain; let’s remember that not all ‘entertainers’ do.

Frankie Gavin and De Dannan Plays (18)

Eddy Carroll of Amulet Devices

Eddy-Carroll CRO of amulet devices (9)
Ever taste Guinness beans?

The guinness storehouse in dublin (9)
A sit-down four course dinner which drew Dublin’s mayor for the opening speech followed by Niklas Zennstrom who sponsored the evening.

Iveagh house dinner catered i think (11)

While we’re on the topic of hosted dinners, the food was fabulous –– everywhere.

Roasted half duck champagne-slow tender roasted bonless half duck with campagne and grape sauce (5)
There’s more Guinness in these photos than technology. Details, details, details.

The guinness storehouse in dublin (1)

A view from the front of Bono’s house late at night. (yes in the rain. Did I mention that it didn’t stop raining? I know I certainly tweeted about it).

A stroll down by the water in front of bonos house in dublin (9)

While we’re on the topic of Bono, there’s an alley that runs alongside his house and on the stone walls and entry way gates and doors are messages that combine asks, pleas, thanks, and love to this renown superstar.

Grafiti along the wall that stretches along bonos house people writing to bono (6)
lt’s not quite Amsterdam but there are plenty of bikes outside plenty of cafes.

Walking through dublin not far from the park (3)
St. Stephen’s Green which dates back to 1663

The park in dublin where all the art is displayed on sundays (18)
Meet Tommy the Lipp and no, he’s not part of the conference but he’s very much part of Dublin. I thought I’d end with a photo that could only be taken in Ireland. Many lads tdought I had an ‘Irishness’ abooute me and now tdat I’m back, I’m finding that my th’s are disappearin’ on mei and otder letters are getting a taad confuused too.

Not just the F.ounders and Dublin Web Summit rocked, but Ireland did too even in the pouring and drizzly rain. Thanks for the memories Dublin!

JJs pub in dublin - tommy (26)