Cathy's TravelingGeek Log: Back to Tel Aviv and on to The Marker COM.vention

by on December 12, 2008 at 5:00 am


After three days at Kinnernet I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being just slightly south of knackered.

However, my physical state runs in stark contrast to the utterly energized cycles of my brain right now. You see, I should be well in bed, getting rested for my session at tomorrow’s Marker COM.vention.

But at the moment, I’m too excited to sleep. The last several days were – as is always the case with Kinnernet – deeply steeped in passionate discussions about art, society, technology and how all those things come together.

The idea behind Yossi Vardi’s annual confab along the shores of the Sea of Galilee (known in Hebrew as “The Kinneret”, thus the play on words with Kinnernet) is simple: talk about anything – except for business. The result is an incredibly engaging experience of meeting people – truly meeting them.

Here’s one of the superb new friends I met. His name is Danny Litani. A serious player in the Israeli music scene, he was very excited about the idea of Seesmic. So, of course, I showed him. And during the demo a special guest dropped by.

There are myriad videos from Kinnernet that I’ll be editing and posting here over the next several days, which will of course be in addition to the ongoing updates from the Innovation Mission on which The Traveling Geeks are embarking.

So stay tuned … as a friend of mine said this afternoon as we sadly departed Kinnernet 2008, the end is really just the beginning … cote d’ivoire . politika . domain owner . parental blocker . where is domain hosted . domain dns server . ip tech info . web archive website down . similar sites word cloud .