The Three Hour Tour

by on December 13, 2008 at 5:00 am

I’m in a crowded van with nine other Bay Area bloggers doing the technology tour – visionary to visionary, company to company.

Anytime you’re in a bus or van for too long, you start to feel like its a journey into the deep dark hole rather than the hour or two drive that it really is. Craig Newmark says, “we’re on board for the three hour tour, the three hour tour.” Only would it really feel like the “three hour tour” if we were actually singing Giligan’s theme song, no?

And so I downloaded it using the Sierra Wireless AirCard 875U and minutes later, we had the theme song playing from my HP laptop. Yet, blogging this is really a bit outdated, no? No doubt Robert Scoble has already twittered this ten minutes ago. domain owner parental blocker . dns information domain dns server . ip tech info . i cloud . web archive . website down apache web server . word cloud

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