Your backstage pass

by on March 26, 2009 at 1:48 am

sky-2008-ph-pa2Before, during and after the Traveling Geeks visit the UK in July, I will be interviewing, recording, and having discussions with the geeks about what motivates them, turns them on, and is ultimately rewarding to them about their lives as journalists, travelers and tech-heads.

We’ll start with some pre-trip Q/A and then while we’re in the UK you’ll see much more – kind of a backstage pass – about how the trip is going and what the geeks are experiencing. To do this, we’ll be recording using solid-state high-definition cameras, editing each day, and uploading via wireless.

At the moment it looks like the little FlipMinoHD cameras will be our vehicle(s) to record the backstage segments. I’ve been doing both audio and video interviews for a few years, and believe me, having a tiny camera that you can slip in your pocket, that doesn’t require tape, and uploads to the computer in seconds via USB, is a real treat! I was even out on the ski slopes today with one of these in my hand, recording my fellow skiiers while I was also flying down the runs…and it worked well.

Questions? Ideas? Let us know.